DAV Public School, Moriyawan, Bhihta

Moriyawan Patna, Bihar-801103 Affiliation Number-330913, Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi

Principal’s Message  

Dear visitor,

We welcome you to D.A.V Public School, Bihta, Patna,

D.A.V stand for Dayanand  Anglo Vedic School managed by D.A.V College managing committee, New Delhi now the largest non-government educational organization in India. It covers broadly the entire spectrum of educational activity in the country.

The main objective of the D.A.V. Institutions is to impart education to the children in such a way that it helps them to imbibe a sense of deep patriotism and pride in their ancient culture and civilization and instills in them a disciplined outlook deeply dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. These institutions aim at creating an environment truly conducive to the mental, physical & spiritual development of the child.

The education of DAV revolves around that  core. We are proud to be able to instill  indispensable values into our pupils. Importance of these qualities. Living is becoming more and more of a complicated Issues these days . Things are no more sample, and external pressure on our lives are manifold . The right path is becoming exceeding  difficult to follow and people are struggling to stay poised between conflicting  forces. At such times, it is one’s inner strength that comes to one’s rescue and this inner strength is the product  of one’s sound morality.

We, at DAV, not only produce students capable of financial and social but also moral security. This our aim, this is our motto – to be the alma mater of the students who becoming known not for their success and money but for their moral strength.

I express my deep gratitude to all the dignitaries for their good wishes for the school. I congratulate teachers, parents, staffs and students who left no stone unturned for the success of the school.

With best wishes.   
Thank for Visit  

Dr. Hari Shanker Srivastwa

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DAV Public School, Moriyawan 
Bihta, Patna, Bihar-801103
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi

Affiliation Number: 330913
Phone: 9263182157
E-Mail: bihtadav@gmail.com

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